Price List


Small Base $35

Small Base with 1 Main Sail (90x100x19)


Medium Base with 1 Main Sail (90x110x25)​

Large BASE $45

Large Base with 1 Main Sail (90x120x45))​

  • Includes all design, manufacture & Engraving.
  • Custom designs are available on request.
  • All Bases are handmade Hardwood Timber in natural Full Gloss colour.


  • 25mm Logo fitted to the base – $5
  • Headsail – $10
  • Spinnaker – $12
  • Mono Hulls – $15
  • Multi Hulls – $20


Sails are designed Specific to the Class of Boat.

Your sail will rotate on the base & is supplied loose
Sails & Hulls are engraved onto aluminium in range of colours.

Gold, Silver & Bronze are popular colours.


We will supply & deliver Australia wide & overseas
Order Forms will be issued and quoted on in AUD.

Minimum 10 working days plus delivery time should be allowed for when placing the order.

Payment approval is required prior to delivery