Sailing Trophies

Our custom Sailing Trophies are all individually designed…


Natural Hardwood Timber, finished in full gloss colours.
Available in small, medium, large or sized to order.
Have your logo as an insert on the Trophy. Precision Engraving of Plaques fitted to bases.


The sail is made from aluminium.
Gold, Silver & Bronze are popular colours,
other colours available.
Individually drawn accurate to scale then engraved, cut & shaped into your sailing class of choice.
The sail is then fitted and rotates onto your selected base.
Have your sail No, Boat Name, Regatta Event or Logo engraved onto your Sail.
Main, Jib & Spinnaker sail options.
Precision Engraving to all of our sails.
Specialised Designs & Perpetual Awards shall be quoted on separately.


Hull designs are an optional extra for specialised trophies.
Engraved Aluminium Hull Shapes
A great Idea to reward event winners